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I am a fashion editorial and high school senior photographer located in sunny Arizona. I love everything about producing fashion shoots for magazine editorials or the fun & vibrant graduating senior or for clients' promotional/campaign material...this really is the best job ever. Oh, and I'm a mom to 3 awesome kids with an amazing husband and the coolest german short hair pointer dog!

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October 29, 2011
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I can’t tell you how accurately this collage sums up my life right now…between photo shoots, soccer practices, crazy children, hikes, park trips, family road trips, etc… I’m feeling coo-coo for cocoa puffs. No complaints though, completely blessed!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend…have a marvelous Halloween!

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July 6, 2011

I’m such a sucker for a road trip. Love them! Crank up the radio, day-dream looking out the window, enjoy the sounds of my kids’ little conversations about where we are going or what’s outside…it’s the BEST.

A few weeks ago we took a quick little day trip up north to Jerome and then through Prescott. In all my 13 years here in AZ I had never been to either town. Both places were so quaint and adorable and I loved all the history there in those city limits. We were in Prescott for just a couple hours, but it was not nearly long enough. As with most small towns, this lovely little destination shut down at about 6pm and we rolled in at about 5:45 so we pretty much missed anything that wasn’t a bar or saloon. However, I loved every bit of what I saw and I’m DYING to go back. I’m thinking a photo road trip…who’s in??

The above picture was a fun and interesting attempt at a long exposure photo. Just before I snapped this I saw a fire truck coming down the road so I quickly focused on the Harley Davidson store across the street…kind of cool. Camera settings were ISO 640, 50mm focal length and shutter speed was 2.5 seconds at f/13


June 27, 2011
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Random photo of my daughter… 5DMKII w/ 70-200L @ 100mm, 1/200 @ f8.0, 100iso… AB400 w/ beauty dish

A while back [here] I posted my goals and the things I would like to accomplish this year. Now, while I would like to say that each one will be enthusiastically crossed off the list come December 31st, I still have A LOT of work to do to make that happen.

So here we are, exactly 1/2 way through the year (can you believe how fast those last 6 months have gone by?!) and I’m having a gut-check moment. Quite a few of the items listed for my 2011 goals involve me taking giant leaps out of my comfort zone. For the most part, those goals were listed in no particular order…just things I want to accomplish for myself…with the exception of #1. I listed goal #1 of getting work published for a reason – it literally is my NUMBER 1 goal that I would love to accomplish this year. Regardless of what happens, I will tell you that the process of submitting photos has been such an educational experience.

One of the key aspects I’m learning about coming out of my comfort zone is being able to freely admit and talk about the things I want to do and accomplish, as well as the things that are standing in my way (i.e. my own self doubt). If there is anything I’ve learned over the last few years is that you cannot grow and learn and move forward if no one knows about you or the things you want to do. So, take it from me, declare to the universe (however you interpret that) what YOU want and what YOU need. People and situations are constantly being placed in front of us, but if we don’t learn to see them or recognize them then they just become lost opportunities.

So, with all that being said, I am going forward and I am determined to prove myself and to make things happen.


March 12, 2011
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One of the great things about the new house where we are living are the tall ceilings and that the front room (aka my office) has enough space to set up a make-shift home studio to work more with my lights. I recently procured this beauty dish which is soooooo amazing for beauty and fashion photography.

Unfortunately it arrived about a week before me moved so it’s been shelved (literally) for almost a month. Now that things are getting settled around here it’s time for some testing. Rest assured that while I have these people in my family to “test” with they are secretly plotting my death every time I purchase a new piece of equipment because that only means one thing to them…sitting in front of hot lights taking the most ridiculous pictures… :-) Maybe one of these days I’ll be brave enough and take a stab at some self-portrait work, but for now enjoy the mugs of this funky bunch.

I used the 22″ beauty dish as my key (main) light and in some of the shots either a 40″ reflector for fill light and/or the 28″ softbox for rim light.


February 22, 2011
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… can I just tell you how much those words make me want to start a riot. We are in the process – literally right this second – of moving and getting services turned on and shut off and if the mounds of boxes in my living room wasn’t enough to make me insane then being asked to hold for the next representative is!

So, in attempt to hide out from packing I just wanted to pop in and say I’m here, I’m alive… but barely. I feel like my office move is one of those sensitive moves, like food in a refrigerator. I’m going to wait til the last minute to pull the plug on my computer, and it’s the first thing that’s getting connected in the new house… even before the fridge. Can we say problem?? Probably!

Be back shortly!!


February 15, 2011

Have heard about this amazing iPhone app (sorry, it is iPhone specific)… called Instagram? Well, I gotta say… it’s whole lotta fun! It mixes social networking with photography… kind of a best of both worlds if you ask me! The social aspect is great; connecting with others who’s images you like or “say” something to you, but to me I like that I can still be a “photographer” without lugging around all my equipment. I like that it’s just you and your iPhone camera… meaning it’s all about the subject matter and your composition. And, of course the fun retro filters are pretty cool and add an interesting element to your pics.

I thought I’d share a few of my more recent Instagram photos… all random, but then again that’s the nature of what the Instragram community is about…

It’s possible I may have overwhelmed my FB & Twitter friends by constantly posting new photos, but I gotta tell you… once you try it there’s about a 100% chance you will get hooked too. So, if you’re an Instagram nut like me be sure to find me at @michelleh24… oh yeah and I even got the hubs snapping away, too… find him at @sofaking24.