Among all the website updating and branding revitalizing I have failed to officially ANNOUNCE and LAUNCH my brand new MENTORshop website! I am so excited to formally have a place dedicated for all things MENTORshop.

MENTORshop, Michelle Herrick, photography mentoring workshop, arizona

So, what is a MENTORshop? Well, it’s something I came up with as a cross between MENTORing + worksSHOP.

I love mentoring and I love guiding new/beginner photographers, but I don’t always love large, overwhelming group settings where you never really walk away feeling complete. There is just so much information circulating out there and it can be tough to decipher between it all…well, that’s where I come in. We spend some amazingly productive one-on-one time together dissecting your photography, your business, your goals, your style…seeing a pattern here… it’s all about YOU!

I know being a beginning photographer and/or a new business owner can feel, well, like A LOT to take in, but rest assured you will walk away from your MENTORshop session with a plan in place, goals to tackle first, and more importantly the confidence needed to move in the right direction. So, visit the site and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Oh and PS…MENTORshop is only available in AZ…for now ;-)


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