I just need to face it…Facebooking is NOT the same as blogging. Not that I’m much better at doing the whole social networking thing, but it’s definitely a different beast. Blogging is so necessary to stay active in Google ranks and to remain connected to clients…I just need to be better at it. ;-)

Late last year I dreamed up this amazing shoot and high school senior rep program. First off I knew I did not want to work with senior reps, I wanted to work with a crew. Because honestly, it just sounds cooler and more fun to be a part of a crew than a rep. Right?! So in order to give the MH | senior model crew and future senior clients an idea of what a SENIOR FASHION EXPERIENCE shoot with me is like I needed to incorporate video into my first initial shoot. From that first shoot was born my SENIOR FASHION EXPERIENCE VIDEO. I absolutely LOVE everything about that shoot!

So, even though the video has been launched for some time now, I am so excited to finally show off CheyeAnne’s photographs from that shoot. She was so adorable to work with and such a trooper to hang in there while we worked in sweltering heat. It was pretty gross, but she made it look so fantastic.

As always my awesome peeps on set: Rosie (makeup & hair) and Whitney (wardrobe)

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