So, I know you all know that I am NOT a wedding photographer. No desire. No anticipation. EVER. However, that being said, when I have the opportunity to do a little bridal beauty photo shoot I can’t possibly say NO.

Meet Justine. She is getting married next spring and was an absolute delight and a joy to photograph. I mean just look at all that natural beauty. And really, kudos to Lora Lutz for a stunning job on hair and make up.

Out of respect for Justine I am just sharing some of the images that don’t show any details of her bridal gown…that’s a secret she wants to keep for her wedding day! :-)

Once we got all the variety of shots we needed with her bridal make up and different hairstyles, it was time to have a little FUN… avant garde style!

Oh and I pretty much made that headpiece in about, oh, 2 minutes. True story! Took a bunch of scraps and strips of tulle I had [left over from this project] and gathered and looped them then used the green satin rosette clips to hold the gathering in place then just bobby pinned the heck out of it to her head. Waa-laaaa. Avant garde bridal headpiece.

Congrats again Justine…you make an absolute BEAUTIFUL bride!

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