Right now if you had a webcam pointed on me you would see my crazy perma-grin that has literally been plastered on my face since two days ago when I received an early morning email from my girl Alex letting me know that a project near and dear to us has been…..PUBLISHED!!

What to the what???

I about fell outta bed* and hurt my OTHER ankle** at the news that I now have images published in a magazine. I tried to contain myself until I could see it with my own eyes. Thankfully my eyes did not decieve me…it was true!

*yes, I was checking email in bed…truthfully it’s how I gauge if it’s going to be a good or bad day.
**side note, I’m hobbling around in a fancy big black boot right now due to 2 wicked ruptured ligaments from a volleyball injury…apparently I’m not the spry chicken I thought I once was.

Now, all this may seem a little dramatic and it probably is, but this really has been such a HUGE goal for me for over a year now. And not only that, but this project was shot almost a year ago so it is even more exciting to finally have the images out there.

So, Geek Chic

This concept came from Alex Evjen who I’ve worked with a bunch. I think Alex’s personal style personifies a lot of these looks so it was quite easy for her to assemble the styles and pieces…major bonus. Once we pulled the theme together I approached the editor of Eliza Mag and she loved it…very much up their alley, so to speak. We got permission to shoot the entire editorial at the Brophy College Prep school, which I mean c’mon…totally exudes a geeky feeling. From there it was pretty easy for our model to help channel her inner nerd at a campus like that. Oh and speaking of our model, really couldn’t have picked a better gal. Jamie from The Agency AZ was UNBELIEVABLE! So sweet and warm and turns out, she’s a bit of a smarty-pants herself…again, super easy for her to jump right into this shoot.

We shot this a the beginning of last summer and while I knew lead times for getting images published can sometimes be lengthy, I gotta admit, I almost thought this shoot wasn’t going to see the light of day. Nonetheless, I cannot fully explain what a great shoot this was…like fo’ reals!! If I haven’t said it before, the crew really can make or break a shoot… and this entire crew (including Louise with her killer hair skills and Jamie with her insane beauty and make up techniques) were ridiculously fun and a hoot to hang with. Long editorial shoots like these I feel it almost becomes necessary that you surround yourself with those you adore and trust…definitely makes the day and shoot go so smoothly.

At the end of the day, this shoot was an amazing learning experience from start to finish. Getting images published is definitely something I will always aim for as long as I shoot fashion.

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