…something about the cobbler’s children having no shoes…

Well, not in this family! That is definitely something my kiddos will never lack, there will always be plenty of photos of each of them (just not the kind with mom in any of them). Unfortunately it is something they totally take for granted. Can’t blame them though. With a camera always in their face it’s easy to see how the burden of an extra special photo shoot just for them on their birthday would be such a pain in the butt!! Oh to be a sassy 9 year old… ;-)

Today me and the 9yr old sassy-pants ventured out to a nearby park I had been wanting to explore (photographically speaking) for a little belated birthday shoot. I am so glad that I started this tradition years ago…I promise them it will pay off.

michelle herrick photography

That was one thing my mom was so diligent at while growing up…she kept up with all those Sear’s portrait studio appointments from the time I was born until the public school system took over the yearly portrait duty. And now, looking back, I am so thankful to her for that gift.


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