It is true when people say you get what you pay for… in most of the cases. If I buy a very inexpensive electronic devise I am almost always certain I will be buying another similar devise as a replacement within 1-2 years… maybe less, depending on how cheap I am being. However, with nearly 100% confidence if I pay good money for a top of the line, quality devise than I expect it will last me a very, very long time. [Except for TV’s in our house… we’re like the vortex where good TV’s come to die…we have such bad luck!]

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to talk to several photographers just starting out about business and photography and everything in between. Inevitably the convo will at some point turn to pricing. When I was first starting out I scoured the internet day and night looking for ANYTHING that would help guide me as to what I should be charging for services/products/time; I wanted specific cold, hard numbers. But wouldn’t you know… I found nada. And that was for two reasons. First, I believe it’s technically a no-no for any person to publicly (via internet) tell another person what to charge…something about a monopoly or free enterprise or something like that. And the second reason is that it is YOUR business; you need to make the decision based upon your personal reasonings, rationales and of course, most importantly what it takes for you to run your business. A good friend recently wrote about this HERE.

Back to my electronic device scenario… I want to be known as the higher quality brand. I don’t want my clients to have to “replace” what I’ve done within 1-2 months. I want my clients to view what they are purchasing as an investment and therefore I have priced myself as such. I knew from the beginning I didn’t want to be a “discount” anything. I read some where that it is much easier to price yourself high and then drop or pull back prices later than it is to start low and try to raise them later.

Pricing is such a touchy subject…I know. However, there are a ton of resources out there now (way, way more than when I was starting out just 3+ years ago) to give you some great food for thought. Here are some that I’ve come across…
>> Digital Photography School
>> Billy Sheahan
>> Mark Wallace video

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