I have been so excited to share with you this first find. Anyone with kids will appreciate this…and, well I guess you ‘big kids’ might like it, too…I did. I am usually not one to be sucked into those compulsive buys at the check out lines in stores… unless it involves chocolate, of course. Usually those things on display are solely there to pacify my kids while I pay for my things. That was until I saw this thing sitting on the shelf and my wild bunch begged and pleaded that they really wanted to try them. For reals, the kids were asking me to buy them applesauce and not a toy or a pack of bubbalicious… OF COURSE I was more than happy to oblige them in their request.

I cannot say more good things about these little applesauce-on-the-go packs. I was SUPER skeptical, naturally it had to have some sort of nasty apple flavor… I mean for $.77 I had quite low expectations. I was WILDLY surprised at how yummy these things actually are…it’s REAL applesauce in there people!! We bought a couple apple cinnamon and the natural apple flavor and I will tell you that I am now a fan for life. The best part is the website directs you to a page on Amazon where you can buy these in bulk making the per piece price even cheaper AND where they have more flavors to choose from. HELLOOOOOO school lunch snacks!!


I am such a sucker for lip gloss. I have way too many lip glosses for a person with only one set of lips. Seriously!! However, there is one that stands out in the crowd and it was given to me by my supa-dupa fantastic BFF, Jamie… so glad she knows me. It’s such a great color and product! Say hello to kitten by Stila


There’s an Etsy shop that has been one of my favs for a very long time…My Sweet Sunshine. I entered a giveaway a long ago for one of her headband pieces and WON and then she hosted a giveaway on my blog for some of her other adorable, handmade cuties a few months after that. Since then I’ve been smitten by all the sweet things she makes and sells. The other day I saw this dress in her Etsy shop and just about fell out of my chair…Isn’t this just so adorable?! I totally want this for my lil cookie bean


And just for fun… my newest favorite iPhone app is called Chicktionary. It’s the weirdest name, but totally addicting…that is if you like word games.

It’s a free app and will either keep you entertained for hours or make you so crazy you wanna pull your hair out!! That’s my kind of game!!

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