I’m over-the-moon excited and honored to be able to fill in [last minute] for a dear friend of mine at an amazing workshop called SHOOT this Saturday. Let me just tell you, when I first saw this class being promoted and talked about through blogs and social networking I literally thought the price was a typo… but, IT’S NOT! It is ONLY $100!

For my section of the class I’ll be walking you through shooting models in natural light, posing models, assessing your location and finding places to shoot and a whole bunch more… and I’ll be doing this LIVE. As in, we do this together outside [yeah, it’s gonna be hot…sorry] and not just sit at a desk and have me try to explain how to do this; here I am actually going to be SHOWING you. Oh, and word to the wise, if it sounds like I’m making up words while I talk, chances are very good that I actually am. Sorry…it’s just how I roll ;-) And, as if that weren’t enough, I will also be walking you through my post processing, workflow immediately following the LIVE demo shooting.

People. The entire workshop is going to be packed with some really great info, hands on learning, and plenty of how to’s, tips and tricks to get you to the next level in your photography and beyond. And again, it’s ONLY $100! That’s it! Oh, and for an extra $50 bucks you can stick around at the end of the class and do a little one-on-one shooting with our models [to get great images to help build up your own portfolio] and score even more info from me and the other instructors.

So seriously, what are you waiting for… go HERE for all the info and register NOW!

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