Well, I’ve gone and done it again… I went and updated my website… for the ump-teenth time!! Don’t for a second be fooled that I’ve got this whole thing figured out. And as you can see I’ve implemented similar design changes here on the blog, too. I made quite a commitment change a few months ago when I decided that my website would direct visitors to my fashion portfolios first before my portrait site and to be honest I’m really, really glad I did, however it has definitely presented me with a unique situation in trying to develop the two sites to appear as one uniform brand.

Here is the new look for michelleherrick.com

…and when you click on to the portrait site link you now get this site… for all things families, high school seniors and kidds…

I bit the bullet and threw in the white towel and determined that I needed some outside design help. I found this great business kit that had all the design elements with a look and feel I was needing. I had put off designing my own stuff for long enough, I needed to get something going. I still have a little bit of tweaking to do, but all-in-all I think it works and definitely has legs to keep me going for awhile. So be sure to stop by the site and check it out… xo!

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