There is not a day that goes by over the last 6 months or so that I have not spoken those words to my oldest daughter. I know, I know… here I am uttering the same speech my mom would give me and the same one so many other mothers say on a daily basis to their children… I TURN AROUND AND YOU’RE ALL GROWN UP. Or my current favorite… IT WAS JUST YESTERDAY I WAS TAKING YOU HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL. No, but really… could someone please slow down the clock of time!

It’s become a favorite tradition of mine to have a quickie photo shoot with this cutie just before school starts and right after it ends; it’s been so fun to see the progression and growth… oh, and the AT-TI-TUDE over the last few years. No, but really… who’s working on that whole ‘clock of time’ thing??

Adios 2nd grade… hola 3rd graders!!

And just because this is Sam, being, well… Sam!

Love ya baby girl!!