I was so excited when my phone rang a couple weeks ago and this lovely lady was on the other end…calling me all the way from Michigan…wanting ME to do her senior portraits! Talk about flattery! Her family was going to be in town for just a few days and I couldn’t wait to meet and work with them – such great folks!

Any whoooo, peace-out to her junior year, this girl is ready to be a SENIOR, baby!! BUT, that doesn’t mean easy-going for her…she’s going places and has big plans for her future which means time to buckle down and load up on all those advanced classes.

Oh sweet Jenn… you have been patiently waiting to see these… you are such a doll… ENJOY!!

Get a load of these crazy cute kids… Jenn’s boyfriend, Tyler, snuck in for a few photo ops at the end…so glad he did!!