Wow, now that summer is here I’m really struggling to decipher my Tuesdays from my Fridays. When my oldest is in school our week is pretty regimented, but now, it’s like we have 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday… our family/church day. It sure doesn’t help that the hubs is a nurse so he has the most sporadic schedule which only means that nothing is normal in this house… and I love it.

And speaking of the hubs, I can’t help but dedicate today’s FRIDAY finds feature to those amazing men/dads in our lives. Enjoy!

One of my favorite sites is PHOTOJOJO and awhile back I saw this really fun classic mini digital camera on their site…it’s so retro and cool! And like the site says ‘analog on the outside, high-tech on the inside, made by Minox (the same guys who designed for the CIA and used by James Bond!)’. What Dad or hubs wouldn’t want this to go along with their fake 007 British accent that they can never seem to get right…oh wait, is that just my hubs…? ;-)

Now tell me, what dad does NOT think this about his daughters? I absolutely LOVE this shirt and found it HERE on Etsy.

Who does not love a smokin’ deal?? I think I may have the most killer deal for an amazing local boutique hotel!! Are you in dire need of a stay-cation? If so, you will not go wrong if you give this gift to the hubs. Or, it’s perfect if you are planning a trip to the Phoenix valley?? BUT you gotta act quick, so go check out The Clarendon Hotel, oh and follow them on Twitter at @clarendonhotel because I do and that’s how I heard about this crazy awesome special and they seem to always be having amazing deals for their hotel. The twitter details say $40 room special BUT you gotta book before Sunday, June 19th and stay anytime til December 30th. Use promo code BENS40 at

PS… and the restaurant at the hotel, Gallo Blanco, is sooooo good! You can’t go wrong with this deal!!

And finally, I can’t forget about my ladies! Inspired by the men, of course, I am soooo loving this men’s dress shirt to women’s skirt refashion. I can’t personally vouch for this DIY, but I will say that I will be rummaging through the hub’s dress shirt inventory in an attempt to try this. Wish me luck!!