Someone pinch me because I still can’t believe what an amazing experience this weekend’s First Friday photo exhibit was. Forget baby steps out of your comfort zone, I just took one friggin’ big leap! I met and talked with some really great folks and had so much fun. I cannot thank enough the folks over at New City Studios for their amazing hospitality and generosity and of course my gurrrrrl Alex with AVE Styles (the genius behind now TWO amazing shoots done together, but more on those later) who presented me with this cRaZy idea of showing off my work…

I had a minor, little (well, only minor and little in hindsight) panic attack about my prints arriving in time for the show, but crisis was averted and my package actually ended up arriving a day ahead of schedule.

It took me what seemed like for-ev-er to decide what photos I was going to print and show. I just could not decide between showing a whole bunch of random favorites from my shoots, or a large series of photos from one great shoot. When my deadline finally approached and it was do or die time for ordering my prints I FINALLY felt inspired with the direction to go… I choose to actually do a combination of a few series of images as well as some random photos… and I couldn’t have been happier. I absolutely LOVED the way it turned out.

The final size for each of the prints was 11×17 and as you can see in the photos the total number of images I settled on was 12; 4 sets or series of 2 plus 4 random photos. I knew I did not want to hassle with frames and mattes and to be honest I couldn’t justify the expense for framing each of those prints anyway. Therefore, each print was mounted to black foam board for a frameless look and using my favorite 3M Command product I attached the mounted prints to the wall. A few days prior to the event I had used Photoshop to create several different layout arrangements and this was the one I liked the best… clean, simple and easy for the eyes to navigate around the display.

I was able to capture just a couple images of some peeps stopping by, but mostly I was having fun talking with everyone and just kept forgetting to bust out the camera. I definitely enjoyed talking shop with the other photographers on display there, too. [Peterson, Olbinski & Nichols … unfortunately Young could not be there in person]

In the end, my nerves were steady, my stomach calm and my anxiety was non existent! I never could have imagined this to be a possibility, but I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to have gone through this process and exercise to see my work on display.