I’m so not a writer which really does explain why it’s so hard for me to sit in front of this daunting, glowing computer screen and just write out a blog post. I really do want to be better; a lot of the times I feel like if I have the content or post idea then the task does not seem so overwhelming… which is definitely true. However, it’s when I notice that I have gone a week+ with no new posts that I really start feeling that 1000 pound writers block weighing on me. You see I ain’t so good with my wordzzzz, ya know?? I’ve always been told that I write just like I talk, and well, I’m pretty sure the people that would tell me that were not actually trying to compliment me. Whatevs…! It’s a horrible or unique, depending on how you look at it, trait I have had since I can remember. I do know that a lot of successful blogs are ones in which the reader can identify with the person behind the blog… and sometimes that means sitting down and just writing like you were there in a conversation with that person, being exactly who you are. BUUUUUUT, that’s usually when self-doubt starts to creep in and I begin 2nd guessing what I’m saying and how I’m saying and I’ll scrap the whole post and just opt for the ‘less is more’ theory when it comes to my ramblings.

A few weeks ago I started to jot down blog post ideas, things that I could write about… if nothing else they were topics that interested me that I had a personal opinion about such as HERE and HERE. Well, my journal of post ideas is starting to dry up which means it’s time to put on my thinking cap again… that was until I came across another friends personal blog with a daily blog post challenge. I liked a lot of the topics and ideas and with a slight adjustment to the content (to photography and business vs. what I had for lunch today) I’m back in business. You see, I need these sort of ‘list of ideas’ to help me stay on track, otherwise the space between my posts becomes overwhelming and discouraging. I want to be better a better blogger with regular blog posts, even when I don’t have a photo shoot to blog about.

So, here is what’s inspiring me lately and keeping me up at night…

[photo by david chew]

So many concepts and ideas swirling around…let the good times roll!!