Better late than never, right?? Here’s my latest installment of…

I always seem to draw a blank when it comes to writing and assembling this feature post so I’ve opted to start bookmarking sites and ‘things’ I like when I find them online… I can no longer rely on this brain of mine… sad but true! ;-)

I do have a slight obsession with Etsy so you will find a lot of my favs coming from there. Enjoy!

Leica M8 Camera Skin
Seriously? Seriously! How cool is this vinyl decal for your iPhone?! C’mon, where my photogs at… pretty cool, right?

Chalk Board Vinyl
I must be in some kind of vinyl mood because I’m seeing a pattern here. Love this menu style vinyl… and what a crazy, cool idea to stick it to the fridge. Unfortunately if I had this as a menu on my fridge it would ready take out every night. Dinners are not my strong point… sorry family!

Maybelline concealer
Sorry dudes, I’m gonna get all girly here! I am FOREVER on the hunt for a great drug store concealer… yes, I did just use all those words together. Believe me, the bar is not set high, it’s just that neither is my wallet. So, when I recently found this concealer that has so far beaten out the many, MANY others that I’ve purchased over the years I feel like I need to share. However, truth be told, it’s the Bobbi Brown concealer that I truly love and has been the BEST I’ve ever used.

By now ya’ll have to have heard about Pinterest… not terribly new, I know, but still oh-so-cool! I can spend hours pinning and categorizing and being inspired by all the photos and images that literally my computer has become some kind of time vortex that makes me feel like I’ve only be on it for a few minutes, when in reality it’s been a few hours. OK, so you’ve been warned, now go join and let’s follow each other! And if you need an “invite” just let me know and I’ll send you one.