Well, I suppose I should finally dish to all of you my BIG, BIG news… I will be displaying some of my photography this Friday at the New City Studios gallery space in downtown Phoenix during the First Friday Art Walk. If you have never heard of Phoenix’s First Friday Art Walk then please do yourself a solid and come this Friday and check it out or even just to say HI! Of course if you already know of the FFAW then I suppose it’s already on your calendar and there’s really no need to bribe you to come ;-)

When I was extended the invitation I was literally at a loss for words. I mean, can you imagine, how freakin’ cool is that?! And can I just say that curating ones own images should be banned; I’m pretty sure I’ve lost years off my life stressing and trying to figure out which images to show and display. I will be featuring some new fashion photography work as well as some other fashion work that may or may not be new to you… oh boy the nerves are starting to sink in… eek!

This Friday, May 6th head on over to New City Studios and enjoy this amazing evening weather we are being blessed with; make it a date night or an evening with friends! 6-10pm at 812 N 2nd Avenue between Roosevelt and McKinley Streets.

I am soooo beyond grateful for this opportunity and I really do hope all of you locals out there in bloggerville will please come by, have some [free] food and drink and support local artists.

Check out the Facebook event page HERE and be sure to share with your peeps!