Aren’t these two the cutest? I mean really, they are so much fun, so adorable and just all around good people. Holly has become a really great friend of mine… and I am in complete envy her mad volleyball skillzzzzz! I’m so excited for these two and it was such a blast when I got to hang with them last week to capture some engagement photos.

For starters, Holly scouted this crazy southwest red house and asked the owners if we could shoot around their property. I just love this girl! There were quite a few nooks and crannies where we got some really amazing images. After that we headed to Tempe and shot around Mill Ave which is always a fun place to go… and eat!! Yes Holly, I like burgers!! ;-)

While I’m completely honored and flattered by the many requests I’m getting lately to do wedding photography, I don’t ever see myself shooting a wedding. For friends and family and referrals I am more than happy to do engagement photos if requested and of course I would be delighted to refer you to some really great wedding photographers who I adore and admire, but just know that most all wedding photographers include engagement photos as part of their “package deal”.