I was seriously giddy like a school girl for this shoot. I always have such a great time photographing seniors; everything about them and their lives are exciting right now… the world is literally in the palm of their hands. And it certainly makes my job soooo much fun when I get to photograph a beauty such as Harley. No really, she is just a cutie and I would KILL to have her hair… look at those locks!

Harley is quite the track star and one of these days I’m gonna make it out to watch one of her games, errrr, I mean meets… I’m so not a runner. And not only is this girl a rockstar on the track field, but she is quite the fashionista. And for the record, I’m such a hat freak so when she pulled these hats out I’m pretty sure I let out a squeal, probably not one of my more professional moments. :-)

Congrats Harley… go class of 2011!

Parents and grads-to-be for Class of 2011… Graduation is just around the corner and it’s not too late to book your senior portrait session; now is the time to make your appointment. You don’t HAVE to use your school’s contracted studio for your senior portraits, only for the Yearbook photo. Make your graduation photos and experience one that you will love and remember forever.