So I was thinking a few weeks ago about doing a regular feature on the blog about random things I find and/or hear about that I want to share with my peeps. Could be about photography. Could be about some DIY project. Could be just a great find somewhere in this grand world wide web.

Hopefully I’ll collect enough finds throughout the week to keep this a regularly schedule post, but if not I’ll keep it up as often as I can. Here’s my first installment of…

**DIY Studio Lighting and Photography Meetup**
This week I attend the first meeting of this new group at an amazing new studio. By chance I was just looking through Craigslist and came across this listing promoting the studio and this meetup group. So, for $10 I thought why not. The speaker, Danno Watts, was amazing and candid and very knowledgable. I learned a ton. If you have ANY interest in using off camera flash (not always about strobes) I recommend you check it out. It’s only $10 a meeting and I cannot even begin to explain how cheap that is. Seriously, check it out!

**AVE Styles**
I just happened to pop on over to Alex’s blog and noticed that it’s her “business” birthday. One year ago she took the plunge and I’m soooo glad she did. We have a collab coming up that I’m incredibly excited for… like, really really excited. She is a great stylist and also has created these amazing packages to help style your next family photo shoot, or senior portrait session, you name it. She comes to you, uses the clothes in your own wardrobe and/or recommends the pieces you need to add. Let me tell you, as a mom AND a photog, having that help and assistance is such a stress reliever. Do it… you won’t be disappointed!

**Jen Gotch**
I came across this gal’s website and I fell in love. It’s so fun and clever and unique… sort of the pre-req for any great website, right? She’s a photographer with a great eye and style. The hopscotch and found photos are my favs!

**SHOW DOGS: A Photographic Breed Guide by Kate Lacey**
As random as it may seem if you know me and my fam then you know that I’m mostly posting this find as a homage to my dear, sweet, dog-lovin’ daughter who literally prays every night to become a dog. We are so beyond the word obsession it’s actually quite frightening. If you ever meet her, ask her something, anything about dogs and dog breeds and you will have yourself an 8 year old best friend. Besides my daughter’s love with all things dog, this is a beautiful book and the images are so cute… but, you probably have to love dogs to appreciate it. Be sure to watch the author’s behind the scene video in the link; it’s amazing the years and hard work that really go into photographing a true PROJECT. I think this book will be the greatest bribery attempt to get someone to practice her piano more. Hallelujah!

If you have any fun finds please share them or let me know and I’ll post them here next week. Until then… have a great weekend!