This past weekend (before the craziness of the move fully kicked in) I attended a great, intimate workshop with Matthew Dutile titled Capturing the Moment… all about capturing those real, lifestyle photography moments. Matthew has absolutely nailed the market in lifestyle model photography; he really is THAT good. And the workshop was only made better because I got to hang with my bud Ryan and my new photog pal, Elvis.

There were so many great pieces of info and technical details that I definitely recommend it if you get a chance to attend… I even hear he may be assembling another workshop the beginning of April. Looking at the type of (fashion) photography I gravitate to I tend to be more of the high fashion, posed, editorial feel… however, the lifestyle look and feel is absolutely something I want to push and challenge myself to do more.

Matthew arranged to have the absolutely adorable Vanessa with the Ford/Robert Black Agency join us for a few hours to be our test subject and I gotta say, it wasn’t much of a challenge to get her to open up and be natural in front of the camera. She was so cute and bubbly that it honestly made our jobs as the photographers that much easier.

But what didn’t make our jobs easy was the crazy rain storm that literally began just moments before we started shooting and ended just minutes after we wrapped. We really had no choice other than to just roll with it, but thank goodness for Matthew and his 61″ reflector that acted more like an umbrella and rain shield than a reflector.

Here are a couple of my fav shots… rain storm and all… ;-)