Ok… NOW I’m back! Between that last post to now I contracted the nastiest flu bug EVARRRRR! I literally thought I was going to die… in fact, if you follow me on twitter you know that I was actually thinking that death would be a welcome relief. But, alas I am here and while I’m not 100% (it’s amazing the amount of will power and muscle mass a person can loose just by laying in bed for 48+ hours straight) I am, in fact alive.

So now begins the intense game of catch up that I must do. Lots of editing, lots of shoot planning… and speaking of shoot planning…

I totally forgot that I never posted this session from a few months ago. When I was organizing the photos that I wanted to post it struck me how fun the planning is that goes into a model’s portfolio session shoot. Of course there is the hair and make up and I’ve been so lucky to be able to work with some really talented ladies in that area. But, beyond that there is the planning that goes into the wardrobe and the location and what “look” the model needs or wants to portray in his/her portfolio images.

I do love the production of it all, but I also love the simplicity of shoots that are just a photographer and a model… something I think I want to attempt more of in the future.

I love how this session came together…

Hair // Darci Lewis
Make up // Alicia Harris