Yes, I know… it’s becoming quite the situation. My consumption of chocolate has hit an all-time low. It’s actually quite frightening how much I’ve consumed… and furthermore it’s even more embarrassing how much I’ve taken from my little girl’s Valentine stash she received from school. Heaven help me!

But, on a completely different note I think it’s time that I finally dedicate a blog post to goal setting. I haven’t always been a believer in setting goals; I’m much more chill and kick-back in life and other areas that it sometimes feels counter to my nature to set goals. In fact it wasn’t until New Year’s last year did I fully realize the benefit of not only goal setting, but documenting your goals. There’s absolutely a sense of self accountability when you document your goals. In a good way! I mean I truly want to be able to say YES I achieved that goal, or that I’m just X number of steps closer to that goal. I put my goals out there… into the universe… and I’m very glad I did.

So, to recap 2010, here are the goals I set in 2010…

OK, so I gotta say… it’s quite self-rewarding to be able to see the goals I’ve accomplished over the past 12 months. Certainly there are things that I will continuously work on (i.e. being a better wife and mother…) but I’m happy to report that progress is being made and at the end of the day I’m grateful to be moving forward. Not backward. Not stagnant. But forward.

Now, for 2011. I want to really push myself. Quite frankly my comfort zone is boring. I love the rush and excitement and nervousness of new adventures and I want that feeling more than I want comfort. I want to be scared for the unknown. Here goes nothing… be kind universe, I’m counting on you! These are my goals for this year, not as many as 2010 but all in the right direction.

So, while it may be the middle of February, I don’t think that should stop or discourage anyone from setting goals for the year. Remember, it’s about progression. Moving forward. It’s hard to know how far you’ve come if you don’t know where you’ve been… or something like that ;-)

Have you put your goals out there to the universe?