I cannot think of a better session to end on for 2010 and an even better session to begin the New Year with!

There’s something about new little babies that just bring so much hope and joy and promise of something BIGGER and BETTER! Each time I get to come into a client’s home and photograph their brand new little munchkin I’m reminded of the greater good we are all doing here. Not to get all existential on you, but I just love the miracle of a newborn. In my own struggles I understand the fight it takes to just to get them here and then to have this AMAZING gift of helping to shape the person they are going to be… well, let’s just say that I don’t ever take my job as a mom lightly.

But c’mon… look at this little guy… how can he not just make your heart melt?! And then to see him with big sis who I photographed when she was just a wee one… well, I get a little teary seeing my [photography] family grow!

Welcome to the world Sam…I know you are in good hands!