Hello internet world! I’ve missed you guys… it’s shameful that I haven’t posted anything in over a week (don’t even get me started at how bad I’ve been about updating my personal family blog…down right dreadful!). Any whooo I just wanted to pop in and say Hola Mr. Hand (insert 1980’s movie reference here).

The holiday photo sessions are in full swing and my calendar is looking more and more like that of a crazy person – I don’t know whether I’m coming or going most days. I am, however, excited to announce that I have opened up one more Saturday mini session on December 4th and on that date I have ONE, yep only 1, spot available. Location is still TBD, but I’m leaning towards the field/grass location again… it’s quite the popular spot ;-) ! Email me for details or to snatch up that one spot (michelle@michelleherrick.com).

I also wanted to give a huge internet high-five to one of my all-time photography heros and his recent blog post HERE. I cried, I laughed… the man is truly gifted! Read it… it’s hilarious yet so completely revealing which is why I deeply respect this man. Oh yeah, and he is coming here to PHX to teach a class… time to start saving my pennies!

I have lots of other things I’ll be talking about in the coming weeks…some super fun shoots I have up my sleeves as well as a very large purchase I just recently made that I’ll be showing off very soon. Until then, enjoy these completely random images that I just happened to FIND on my iPhone…thanks kids!