So this session is a little near and dear to my heart. Meet my “baby” bro and his gorgeous wifey-poo and my adorable nephews! I’m so glad that we made time during our visit to get these photos done. The kids were such champs even with the frigid wind and awkward locations…looking at these photos makes me miss them even more!

And I’m seriously going to add my lil’ man Josh (and my bro) to my customer testimonial Iist. Both despise getting their pictures taken (I have proof, but we won’t go there ;-), but by the end of our session lil’ man was saying how much fun picture taking is and that he loved it. Aaaannnnndddd, by the end of the session my bro was directing more of the poses, settings, locations…I was merely the camera operator…so I know he was enjoying himself more than he will EVER admit to me! So, there it is…proof that even the most stubborn of dads and kids will have fun during a photo session with me… I PROMISE! :-)