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I am a fashion editorial and high school senior photographer located in sunny Arizona. I love everything about producing fashion shoots for magazine editorials or the fun & vibrant graduating senior or for clients' promotional/campaign material...this really is the best job ever. Oh, and I'm a mom to 3 awesome kids with an amazing husband and the coolest german short hair pointer dog!

April 4, 2014
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Who doesn’t need a little Zara or Topshop in their lives?

These are my FASHION FAVS I’m digging right now…

Zara – striped v-neck blouse

Zara – red checkered shirt

And this blouse is positively fantastic…and perfect for spring!

Zara – floral printed top

Topshop – wrap front trousers

This has to be in my life…like NOW!! And the price…holy moly! Let’s just say it went from a want to a need really quick!

Topshop – black midi tulle skirt

And I practically live in skirts like these…pretty dang comfy!

Topshop – navy tube skirt

What are some of your fashion favs? I’m kind of feeling like my wardrobe needs a bit of an overhaul…who’s up for a shopping trip?!

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February 25, 2014

No beauty school drop-outs here…just some very talented, hard-working students!

My dear friend Stephanie hooked me up with this great opportunity to shoot for the Avalon Cosmetology School makeup class photo shoot a few months back. Their regular go-to guy, Ryan, was unable to do the shoot one Saturday and I was very happy to be able to step-in and help out.

Stephanie teaches the students an intense two-week course all about makeup application…I seriously want to sign up for the class myself…she is such a great makeup artist and instructor!

Here are just a few of my favs from that marathon shoot!

beauty school makeup portraits 1-michelle herrick

beauty school makeup portraits 2-michelle herrick

beauty school makeup portraits 3-michelle herrick

beauty school makeup portraits 4-michelle herrick

beauty school makeup portraits 5-michelle herrick

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February 22, 2014

I was beyond excited when I got the call from Glamrocks Jewelry wanting me to shoot their Spring/Summer 2014 jewelry lookbook. Kristen, the mind and hands behind Glamrocks, is a true artist and her pieces are unreal…truly amazing! Kristen hails from Chicago but wanted the pieces shot among the desert with lots of light (two things we have an abundance of); she wanted a sort of boho chic meets rocker vibe conveyed in the shoot and I think our model did such a KILLER job at doing just that!! Arizona desert lookbooks are what I do and I’m so grateful our paths crossed!

I’m just posting a quick sneak peak since she already released this image from the shoot…it’s one of my absolute favs!

Glamrocks Jewelry-michelle herrick-lookbook-arizona
Model / Jaymie
Styling & Jewelry / Kristen

Seriously go check out her site…so unique and beautiful!

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February 3, 2014

This was the kind of shoot where it’s just FUN! Good vibes, great team of awesome ladies, being creative… :-)

Concept was driven by the idea of mixing thrifted fashion with great vintage finds…and maybe a modern piece here or there.

Styling was done by Alex [AVE Styles] and Sara [Chicks Who Give A Hoot]. Makeup by Azure. Model is the lovely Gwen [The Agency AZ].

thrifted fashion lookbook-michelle herrick 1

thrifted fashion lookbook-michelle herrick 2

thrifted fashion lookbook-michelle herrick 3

thrifted fashion lookbook-michelle herrick 4

PS… ^^ that’s not the backdrop I was referring to in my previous post. This is a more mauve in color, muslin backdrop.

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February 1, 2014

I sometimes feel like I am cursed with the thought or attitude of ‘oh, I can just make that’…or ‘you want me to pay how much for that…forget it, I’ll just make it’! [Case in point, those TULLE skirts...remember those?!]

Well, I don’t know how, but I stumbled upon this local photographer’s tumblr page and in a post he talked about painting his own backdrop. See post HERE. Of course…DUH! Beautiful hand-painted backdrops can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars…but this in a pinch DIY solution I knew would only cost a few bucks.

Went to Home Depot and purchased a canvas drop cloth in their paint department. (The link is for the exact brand and size I bought, but it was an 8oz weight…not 10oz). [$20]

Then I found a gray color paint called DARK GRANITE that I thought would be the most versatile. I saved a few bucks by having it mixed over at Walmart using their basic interior, flat paint. [$10]

And finally I purchased a BIG 21 gallon storage bin (WITH LID) to mix everything in. [$6] … oh, and pick up some of those yellow cleaning gloves!! [$3]

ON TO THE MIX… and obviously DO THIS OUTSIDE! ;-) …oh, and I should mention that I started this at about 9am…

I poured 2/3rds of the paint into the bucket (I don’t know why 2/3rds, but it seemed to be all I needed) and then turned on the hose and filled the bin with water until the paint was evenly diluted – like Golilocks…not too thick, not too thin.

At this point we just wadded up the canvas drop and put it in the bin, however I would recommend starting at one end and put sections in bit by bit. When we put the whole thing in it took a while and a lot of churning to get the entire drop cloth covered. We had to keep pulling it out, shifting it, and dunking it again; probably more messier that way, too.

I put the lid on and let it sit for about 8-9 hours.

And here’s where it can get tricky…for sure helps to have someone you with to do this part. The canvas is going to be very heavy and very wet but you need to wring out as much of the diluted paint/water from the cloth. My husband and I folded it up several times and just twisted it in opposite directions over the bin and that seemed to work best. Then you gotta let it dry. We rigged something to hang it on, but we had to fold it in half to do that so it wasn’t touching the ground. If I had to do it again, I would just find a place in the yard to lay it flat or where it can be hung evenly and flat. I left it there over night to dry.

The next day in the morning it was about 75% dry so I took it down, unfolded it, and slung it over our block fence so that only a small part of it hung on our neighbors side until it was fully dried (about another couple hours). I could have just done this in the first place, but it would have left wet paint everywhere.

It was a little stiff when it was all dry, but definitely foldable and easy enough to roll up. However, if I had rinsed it some once I took it out of the bin initially then it might have been a bit more pliable.

All in all I am really quite satisfied with my little DIY canvas backdrop…not to shabby for $39. If I do this again I think I will go with a paint a couple shades darker (I didn’t think I’d loose any color by diluting it, but I think I did).

Here is pic that I made my daughter stand in for so you can get a quick glimpse of how it turned out…

diy backdrop_kid pic 2

I’m doing a full shoot using the backdrop today and will post those pics ASAP to get the full effect.

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January 27, 2014

This beauty is Jaclyn…my lovely senior rep over at Highland High School.

I gotta say, I was having a little “hair envy” during our shoot…I mean look at those locks!! Uggg, makes me miss my long hair…well, maybe just a teeny bit. I REALLY love my pixie and I’m pretty sure my it’s here to stay :-)
Jaclyn is a very talented singer with the EVMCO and is going to make a pretty great missionary after high school.

michelle herrick-senior portraits-jaclyn 1

michelle herrick-senior portraits-jaclyn 2

michelle herrick-senior portraits-jaclyn 2a

michelle herrick-senior portraits-jaclyn 3

michelle herrick-senior portraits-jaclyn 4

michelle herrick-senior portraits-jaclyn 4a

michelle herrick-senior portraits-jaclyn 4b

HIGHLAND SENIORS…hit up Jaclyn for a referral card to get special pricing on your senior portrait session…spring dates are filling fast!

Makeup // Jessica Fierro


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January 24, 2014

Holy gorgeousness!! Asha was absolutely a blast to photograph and to hang with. She’s a killer track star AND makes/designs her own jewelry…for reals…this girl is so talented!

michelle herrick-senior portraits-asha 1

michelle herrick-senior portraits-asha 1a

michelle herrick-senior portraits-asha 1b

michelle herrick-senior portraits-asha 2

michelle herrick-senior portraits-asha 3

michelle herrick-senior portraits-asha 3a

michelle herrick-senior portraits-asha 4

michelle herrick-senior portraits-asha 4a

michelle herrick-senior portraits-asha 4b

MOUNTAIN VIEW SENIORS…hit up Asha for a referral card to get special pricing on your senior portrait session…spring dates are filling fast!

And PS…Asha did her OWN makeup and rocked it…I’m telling you…TALENTED!!


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